Groomers Performance Shampoo Range


Whether your dog has curly, fluffy or straight hair, tangles are inevitable! This shampoo has been specifically designed to stop tangles in their tracks. It contains a slip agent to help knots slide out of the hair, allowing you to comb through with ease. This remains in the hair after drying to help deter future tangles!




This gentle shampoo is designed to fully support your puppy as they grow, gently cleansing the coat without stripping out the naturally occurring coat oils, leaving hair clean, strong and nourished. Unlike other shampoos our formula is ultra-mild for even the most sensitive puppies, making it a shampoo you can really rely on.



Does your pet have problem skin? If so, this is the shampoo for you!! With astringent, antibacterial Tea Tree, this shampoo will gently degrease hair and deep clean skin, making sure there are no nasties left in the coat. It’s really great for dogs with naturally coarse or wiry coats too, and leaves their coat smelling fresh and clean.



Some dogs are born with greasy hair, others just like getting mucky! Whatever the case, this shampoo has been specifically designed to tackle both grease and dirt. It contains vitamins A and C to help rejuvenate skin and hair. It’s ideal for Spaniels, Labradors and Yorkies, or any dog that is prone to a greasy coat. What’s more, it’s also great for smelly dogs, as it leaves the invigorating, zesty aroma of tangerine and grapefruit behind.


Pamper your pet with this hair-strengthening shampoo! This nourishing shampoo contains Royal Jelly, designed to support healthy hair growth and can assist in replenishing coats that are thinning or shedding severely.  This shampoo is perfect for putting the life back into lack-lustre locks and is sure to leave coats clean, conditioned and glistening! This product features a light and fruity fragrance.



We know bath time isn’t always your dog’s favourite activity, but it’s essential, especially when they’re mucky! This shampoo uses commonly used aromatherapy scents to help pets relax in the tub. It can be used on any breed for a soothing experience and is enriched with relaxing lavender and mint for a clean, happy, fresh-smelling pet. It’s also a great product for older pets, to help soothe away those aches and pains.