Clean & Tidy

After a brief health check and ear plucking (if required), your dog will be washed with one of our luxury shampoos. The coat will then be completely dried and brushed to deshed and ensure it is tangle free. Feet and hygiene areas are tidied and, if needed, the eyes are cleared. Nails are checked and clipped or filed as required.

Cost: £22 for the first hour; £4 for each subsequent 15 minutes
  • Toy – usually around 60 mins (£24)
  • Small/miniature – usually 75 mins (£28)
  • Medium – usually 1 hour 30 mins (£32) to 1 hour 45 mins (£36)
  • Large – usually 2 hours (£40)
  • Extra large – usually 2+ hours (£40+)

The time a groom takes will not only depend on the size of your dog, but also their coat type, coat condition, behaviour and grooming requirements.