Puppy Package

Puppies need to experience a grooming salon as early as possible – ideally straight after their final vaccination. 

Toodles Puppy Package starts at £60 for 5 sessions that slowly and methodically introduce your puppy to the different elements grooming. Extra sessions can be added in to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Introduction – 20 mins

This gives your dog a chance to wander around the salon at their own pace. They will get to try out the bath and the table, all the while being encouraged and reassured that Toodles is a great place to spend time.

Nails – 20 mins

This session introduces your puppy to getting their nails clipped. As with all the sessions, a relaxed and fun environment is created with lots of positive praise.

Brushing Out – 45 mins

Your dog will be introduced to the different grooming tools at a relaxed pace. The aim by the end of the session is to have your dog’s coat completely tangle free. An extra brushing session can be added to your package if needed.

Bath Time – 90 mins

Time for your puppy to have a Clean & Tidy Groom. Your puppy will be bathed with Groomers Performance Puppy Shampoo. They will then be introduced to the different drying techniques until they feel comfortable with the equipment that is suitable for their size and coat type. Paws, face and hygiene areas will be trimmed and neatened as needed.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning – 20 mins

Prevention is better than a cure! By the age of three, 80% of dogs are effected by gum disease. This session ensures your puppy becomes accustomed to having their teeth cleaned so that they have healthier teeth and gums for life.